Safety Support

Arger Safety Support is able to deliver a complete package of safety services in construction/infra, petrochemical industry, offshore and any other industry where service and quality makes the difference.

The Working Conditions Act (Arbo-wet) in the Netherlands is aimed at ensuring that work is organized so that the safety of workers is not prejudiced. That this is not always effective in practice is evident from the number of industrial injuries each year. In addition to the personal suffering, industrial injuries too do result in high costs for the company as well as the society.

Arger provides several safety services to assist you. We analyse the working situation, expose the risks and, together with you, we create an action plan.

We can provide:

Work safety concerns all company activities with any risk to injure people or equipment. Important are continuity of the company and its busisnesspocesses, as well as vitality, health and employablility of employees.

Arger Safety Support provides expertise, knowledge and lot of experience in safety (area's). This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.