Offshore & Wind Projects

Taking care of work safety at for instance an oil rig, (measurement)stations or during constructing offshore wind farms, is usual to us.

Arger Safety Support provide a complete package of safety services. By hiring safety services (e.g. fire watch, manhole guard/confined space guard, HLO, deckhands, (senior) safety specialists) you can work safely. This can decrease the amount of work accidents. Providing custom service can contribute to higher work safety.

Work safety concerns all company activities with any risk to injure people or equipment. Importrant are continuity of the company and its business processes, as well as vitality, health and employability of employees.

Our employees are trained properly to perform several offshore disciplines independently. They will be led by managers who have lots of experience and knowledge in on- & offshore. Arger Safety Support can provide safety specialists who serve as a direct source of information.

The deployed employees can fulfill their job as if an employee from our client and they have ad-free clothing. If wished they can wear workclothing from the client.

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